Do I scare you?

Apparently I frighten people.  I don’t mean to, really…  I’m just a scary guy, you know?  I do have a tendency to forget to focus on things when I’m thinking, so sometimes people get the impression that I’m looking through them, not at them.  I’ve best heard this one described as me being "empty" when I do it, which is fairly accurate…  I spend large tracts of my time simply not thinking.  I suppose that’s inaccurate, I am thinking, but it’s spacial thinking, I’m not thinking words or thoughts, just shapes.  It happens most when I’m looking at something beautiful, maybe a tree or the moon.  Today for instance, the moon could be seen during broad daylight, and I spent a solid five minutes just stareing and not thinking.  Give it a shot, its more interesting than you think.

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