WEP Cracking with WifiWay

This weekend one of my friends asked about hacking in to wireless networks. I decided to show off and they wanted to video the experience, so I set up a spare wireless router with 7961122705933aa134db338064 as the WEP encryption key. I then rebooted in to a livecd called Wifiway. Since this video was created, there’s been a new release of Wifiway that includes the airoway script I use, so there’s no need for the thumbdrive now. Click Read More… below to view the video! The actual crack takes about three minutes, the rest of the video is just preparation of the access point.

WEP Cracking With WifiWay And Aircrack-ngThe best video clips are right here

4 thoughts on “WEP Cracking with WifiWay”

  1. The 0.8 ver of wifiway is hosted on the slowest server in history. Avg about 3kb/SEC. Either way in about 24 hours I’ll try it with 0.8. There’s also winxp ways of cracking, but it’s very wifi chipset specific. Most people are not going to be able to do any packet sniffing with xp.

  2. I don’t know how you’ve done it. Seriously. I’ve been running linux for quite a while and have never really had any problems with installations or live versions. I “fiddled” around with wifislax and wifiway for just over 20 hours trying to get it to boot from USB. No matter what I did it would not boot.

    All their support forums are either in ES, or BAD ENGLISH. Nothing to go by.

    When I boot i just get an error message stating that the data folder could not be found. I tried renaming the wifiway folder to wifislax and replacing the original initrd.gz and vmlinuz with a patched version, but that didn’t work either.

    Please, help a fellow Jew run wifiway 😉

  3. omglol

    I had the same issue until I understood the instructions on the wifiway.org website. Once you have renamed the file from wifiway to wifislax and downloaded and replace the “initrd.gz and vmlinuz” files.

    Go into the “boot” folder and then double click on the “bootinst.exe” file and then it will ask you to setup your USB drive to make it bootable. Press any key. Then it will make the USB drive bootable.

  4. lol – I know you were drunk, but IV = “initialisation vector”, not “interesting value” !! 🙂

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