Wheeeeeeeee Gravity!1!!eleven!

Sooooo…. a few days ago I felt like simulating a bit of gravity. Turns out that was the easy part… Basically I wrote a gravity simulator with accurate(?) collision detection all based on force vectors applied over time. I did all the physics and trig work from the top of my head, and the last time I had a physics or trig class was eight years ago, so I might have forgotten something important. Collisions look right to me right now, but the code driving them relies on some pretty loose interpretations of gravity/time, so any frameskips could cause some rather interesting reflections. Tarball (with source) and Ubuntu deb package (binary only) at their respective links.

I made a half-assed attempt at commenting the source, because I’m a nice guy. You should be able to get an idea of what I was thinking from there.

Update [20081002003930EDT]: Almost forgot, uses Cairo for drawing. XOrg process maxes the cpu at the resolution I’m using for this thing… NO idea why. Any programmers wanna help?