Nag’s Head in 24 hours.

I’ve been in Nag’s Head for just a bit over 24 hours now and thus far it’s been the best Nag’s Head trip yet. Lets start at the beginning… Deer in a bag. Fucking deer in its fucking bag made me have to do a pirouette in my fucking car on the driver’s side tire, then some kind of double hamstring somersault backflip and ended up in the next lane over doing the speed limit. Totally sweet dude. Once we got here shit got real and we got as obliterated as possible for maximum debauchery. There was some crazy girl, but that problem was solved in short order. Today there was a liberal smattering of rock band, outlet mallification, and beachgoing X 2. The first beach trip (among the day walkers) was pretty much a bust, there being a distinct shortage of surfable waves, however the second trip made tonight worthwhile. I got to the beach around 3 am and immediately noticed that I was surrounded by phytoplankton. Every movement, no matter how deep under water, caused a flurry of tiny green luminescent organisms to fire their biochemical caches and illuminate the immediate area, giving a net effect of glowing water. My friend Scott happened to bring a boogie board and was floating, so I became one with the ocean and learned to float too. After a liberal period of stargazing, I began to pay attention to the ocean’s warm embrace and happened to notice a clicking sound underwater. It was probably a good minute before I realized that the rhythmic clicking I was being subjected to wasn’t one of my friends, but was in point of fact dolphins. I was hearing dolphins talk to each other. I know this description doesn’t really convey the beauty I experienced today, but I wanted to record it regardless. Fuck you.

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