Untitled short story Part 1

"Stay back."

"But I can help!"

"Enough blood has been shed today. I don’t need yours on my hands too."

Hearing that, Tal fell to her knees, sword falling from her loosened grip to the ground with a thud. "Please be careful."

"…I won’t need to," he sighed, then paused for reflection on the coming battle.

"Giving up so soon?" flowed, singsong, up the hillside to meet Sunder’s ears.

"If only…" he muttered to himself, squaring his stance and preparing to charge into the waiting group. He took one last breath of peaceful air, crouched low, and launched himself forward, leaving impressions in the earth where his feet once stood. He was not an exceptionally large man, standing just six feet tall, but countless modifications left his body dense with synthetic compounds. Each system in his body replaced, one by one, and individually programmable by thought alone. His blood was now a superfluid, traveling his superconducting veins and providing raw energy in the form of high energy, easily broken hydrogen compounds. Excess hydrogen and other compounds followed the veins back to his torso, now a mass of nano-complex systems designed to fuse the excess, creating power to drive all the other systems of his body.

Sunder is alone in this world. There are none like him. His family passed on generations ago, all having been killed in the initial invasion. He alone survived the initial prototype run of 12 in the risky operation to save humanity. As he flashed down at the hulking masses of the warrior class in their exoskeleton battle suits, he wondered if this 500 year war would ever end.

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