My car, the RX-8


  • I drive a 2004 Mazda RX-8.
  • I love my car.
  • When driving my RX-8, I can feel everything.

Now, let us examine this.  If I run over a pebble in the road, I feel it.  This has the distinct advantage of keeping me aware of driving conditions I may otherwise have gone completely unaware of.  I can thus drive at high speed and know exactly when my tires are about to lose traction over light gravel and compensate accordingly.  This adds a whole new layer of fun to driving for me, since I needn’t worry about dangerous conditions such as ice or snow, since I’ll be aware of any particularly dangerous patches just before I hit them.  I’ve been known to drive almost completely sideways around a corner over ice and never once have I felt out of control.  I really don’t think this is me, I believe the car is the reason, as my last two cars would not have afforded this luxury with even a semblance of safety.  So what makes me decide to write about my car today?  Well, just now as I’m driving down the highway home from work, I noticed myself casually avoiding cracks in the road, so I tried just following the car in front of me, letting my tires go wherever theirs did.  Awful!  Never again will I make that mistake.  Never

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  1. You should try driving MY car, if you can convince yourself that all of the tires will stay on the car for the entire duration of your trip.

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