Update on the last post

Yeah, I’m what we call a moron…  Automatix removed universe and multiverse from my repositories list.  Turns out Synergy, Beagle, and Banshee are all in the repositories and work great.

Other news: there’s no remote plugin packaged with Gaim 2.0.0B3, so there’s no way to configure aim:goim links from firefox to work with Gaim2.0.0B3.  It works fine with Gaim1.5 (which is the latest included with Ubuntu), so if you want to set that up, check out this article.

In yet more news, Pucker Fuckers are great, but are definitely supposed to be served as shots.  When you drink 4 coffee mugs full of Pucker Fucker, you’re just asking for trouble.  Thanks Friday night!

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