Things to think about

I’ve been trying to avoid thinking as much as possible lately…  here are a few of the things I’ve tried not to think about:

What other people are thinking when I talk to them
Why Synaptic Package Manager has proxy settings seperate from the system defaults, why it doesn’t have credentials or NTLM support of any kind, and why ISA 2004 sucks almost as hard as ISA 2000 at passing innocuous packets
Why mysterious figures from my past are suddenly talking to me again
How someone can ask me why they don’t talk to me anymore when I never knew in the first place (yeah, they forgot)
When I’ll get some new fucking computers in the training rooms
Why my screen name signs on from a third, undisclosed location every night shortly after 8pm, then doesn’t respond when I send it a message (my password is difficult to brute force, and I’ve never told it to anyone, or written it down anywhere, nor have I told it to remember in any location not within my reach at this very moment)
Quantum Particle-Wave Duality
Why everything’s better deep fried
Where all my cool T-Shirts are
Where my copy of Hackers is

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