The dig

I dug a huge fishing net out of the sand at the beach night before last.  Went with a few good friends, lots of fun.

There was a girl working at the 7-11 on the way there and it was quite obvious she was into me, but I failed to ask for even her number.  Regret is one of those itchy things, if you scratch it it gets worse, but if you just ignore it, it goes away.

Last night, on the other hand, ended up with me sitting at home alone watching a movie because my friends didn’t return my calls or bother to call me.  I did get in touch with one friend, but she was about to go to sleep, so it would have been unfair of me to ask for her company.  Loneliness is one of those itchy things…

So, today I’ve just been working on web stuff and wishing the A/C was on.  Good times.

If I owe you a web design, please know that I’m working on it, I’ve just been really distracted by lots of itchy things lately.


P.S. – I finally stopped the spammers that have been pounding my site.  The great thing is, the solution is completely transparent to you users.  Gosh I’m clever.

P.P.S. – If you want to do anything, make contact with me (try my myspace page, linked to the left).  I may also make a contacts post shortly and link it in my navigation.  EDIT: Contacts are up.

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