More IE hate

If you’re an Internet Explorer user, you noticed the splash page suggesting you download Firefox.  That was me.  It won’t show up again for two days assuming you have cookies enabled, so don’t worry about it too much if you’re accessing this from, say, an internet cafe or your work place.  If it’s the former, please suggest to them that they install Firefox.  If the latter, please round up all your IT personnel and get a petition going for senior management to get Firefox approved for your environment.  Your sysadmins will thank you in the long run.

Google AdSense

As much as I love Google, I chose not to sign up for their AdSense program to try and rake in a bit of cash from this desolate corner of the intarweb.  Why you might ask?  One of the provisions of their "Program Policies" is that one must not include "Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol".  That’s just not how I roll, so I’m gonna go have another beer and drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Good night world!

New website!

Today I used bBlog which I must say I reccomend to anyone looking for an easy-to-get-started-on blog. Only issue I had was the lack of templates so I modified one that came with it to my own liking. I know, the spacing’s kinda off and IE can’t render it for shit, but I made it damnit!!! My blood, sweat, and tears went into this! I would have had it done in about 30 minutes, but I decided to make it render legibly in IE, which resulted in an additional 5 hours of work which were at least partially in vain (still has bugs). Fuck it, I’ll just add a link to get FireFox to the left bar, that’ll fix it.