Update on the last post

Yeah, I’m what we call a moron…  Automatix removed universe and multiverse from my repositories list.  Turns out Synergy, Beagle, and Banshee are all in the repositories and work great.

Other news: there’s no remote plugin packaged with Gaim 2.0.0B3, so there’s no way to configure aim:goim links from firefox to work with Gaim2.0.0B3.  It works fine with Gaim1.5 (which is the latest included with Ubuntu), so if you want to set that up, check out this article.

In yet more news, Pucker Fuckers are great, but are definitely supposed to be served as shots.  When you drink 4 coffee mugs full of Pucker Fucker, you’re just asking for trouble.  Thanks Friday night!


I hosed my Ubuntu install on my junkbox yesterday.  Turns out the kernel image packages do something with X settings, and I change a lot of X settings.  Thus, X fails to start.  I could have manually edited the document from the command line and gotten it back up, but what’s the fun in that?  Instead, I slicked the drive, made a 40GB partition for WinXP MCE 2k5 (only to stream vids to my Xbox360) and reinstalled ubuntu on the rest of the 250GB drive.  Works like a charm might I add.  In the process, I found out there’s a new version of Synergy, and that there’s a package on the ubuntu site, but strangely not in the repositories, so I ended up installing from source (which I wrote the wiki article on btw).  Next, I installed Automatix, which pretty well hosed my PreSession and Init scripts to run Synergy prior to login, then proceeded to look for Beagle and Banshee, which apparently aren’t in the repositories either.  WTF?!  What’s a linux n00b supposed to do if the best programs aren’t even available without some serious research!  Tonight I’ll get on and see what else I can get into, as well as building both Beagle and Banshee from source, and installing Picasa and Google Earth Beta, which both rule hard.

People for Indecency in America

I’m thinking of starting a sister site in the RedKrieg blog network…  People for Indecency in America.  I consider this now that I know that approximately 99.8% of the complaints filed with the FCC over indecency on television are from the Parent’s Television Council.  Well, those bastards can suck it…  I want boobs, butts, shits, fucks, blood, gore, strippers, and more.

Yeah, I’m gonna get this shit going.  You in?  If so, hit me up via the "contact me" link on the left.  Alright, peace.

Stupid Admin

I just made the oldest stupid admin mistake in the book, lol.  I used stock code with a default password to ensure spammers had no access to my backend system.  Naturally they tried the default passvariable and got through.  I fixed that little problem with a nice, 255 character randomized string.  Easy to implement, pain in the ass to break.  I love it.

Comments disabled…

If you’re trying to comment on my older posts, you’ll find that you cannot.  This has been done to curb some of the comment spam I’ve been getting lately.  It’s getting out of hand, so I’ll be writing my own filter code soon.  In the mean time, just check back more often!!!  As long as you’re here once a week, you’ll be able to post comments on my new posts.

Save the internet, round Two

Alright, the last save the internet campaign failed to sway enough members of congress to kill the issue in the house committee to ensure that the internet remains free and accessible to everyone.  It’s up for vote on the house floor next week and I’ll be damned if I don’t do everything in my power to get everyone I know to at least look at the issue.  Please, just click the link below, sign the petition, and fight for the internet we’ve all come to know and love.  Don’t let big telephone companies take away our freedoms.

Do something now at http://civic.moveon.org/save_the_internet

Next weekend…

…I’m going to VT to visit my cousin!  I’m thinking maybe kegger, but we’ll see.  Should be a ball!

In related news, fuck The Bamboozle and their fucked up over protective policies.  I can’t fucking stand when a music festival bends over backward to appease the parents of the 14 year old crowd to get them in there.  It ruins good things.

When advertisers prey on Myspace ignoramuses

I’ve seen at least three different sites claiming to be a "see who’s looking at your myspace" deal…  They want you to post a bulletin with a link, picture, whatever.

That can’t possibly work.

The bulletin is never displayed on your profile, so there’s no way to track anything but who is clicking your bulletin.

The ONLY way to track visits to your profile itself would be to add code to your profile page linking to an off-site image.  Bulletins will not work.

I could write a backend to collect the referrer url whenever an image was requested, but said image would have to be on your profile, not in a bulletin.

All those "profile trackers" are doing is getting you to go to their site and increase the chances you’ll click their advertisements.

If you really want to see who’s requesting your profile, get a good webhost and start grepping your logs for requests to that image.  The referring url will include a token from which you can derive your friend’s friend ID, which could in theory be linked back to their profile.

I personally don’t know what encoding algorithm is used for the token, so no…  I won’t write you a friend tracker.  If anyone out there is willing to provide me technical info about how that token is encoded, I’ll be more than willing to write said tracker for you and tell you what you need to paste into your profile.

K, thx.