A List

First of all, allow me to preface this with the simple statement that I am drunk. Now that the formalities are out of the way, this is why I’ve brought you here:

Things I’m good at:
Deciding things
Sex (let me know if you need proof on this one)
Picking out women’s clothes (it’s a gift, sue me)
Talking about facts
Anything computer related

Things I’m very bad at:
Convincing girls that I’m worth their time
Picking out Men’s clothes
Talking about feelings
Sharing any interests with anyone of the opposite sex

Arg. Alcohol is awesome.

One thought on “A List”

  1. So far I see no problem in your choice of Men’s clothing. I’m of the opposite sex, you don’t seem to have a problem talking with me about interests. and last but not least, Yes Alchol is awesome, but the people who drink it and get tipsy to drunk from it make life much more awsome, fun, and amusing. ^_^

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