I got a bit hammered last night at the bar when the election results started rolling in, and when I learned that Thelma Drake, Republican, had won the House race here in my district of Virginia, I crafted a rather nasty drunken letter and sent it to her campaign mailbox.  I shall share said letter with you now.  Looking back on it, I may have gone a bit overboard, but the general theme is about right.

I feel that you won this election because of the abundance of uneducated elderly in this state.  It is because of you that I will be moving from this state as soon as possible.  Alas, there is no state in this union free from political insanity, so my only choice may be a foreign nation.  At the moment, I’m considering the Netherlands, but for the most part, any nation not linked so completely to Christian fundamentalism is sounding really good right now.  One should not get me wrong when I say this…  In no way do I feel that Christians are less worthy of my respect than Jewish, Muslim, or Atheist.  I do not however, feel that any one of these sects should be as influential in our national government as Christianity currently is.  The few are speaking for the many when we have psychotic overprotective parents dictating that we cannot have two homosexuals in a monogamous relationship on television.  I don’t know a SINGLE person who thinks that people should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.  Our children should be taught tolerance, not ignorance.  If I had a choice between letting my kids watch two human beings in a loving relationship enjoy the most basic of human pleasures and someone kill another innocent human being, I would choose the "pornographic material" every time.  You’re a sick individual, and every person I’ve spoken to who wanted me to vote for you was as twisted as you are.  Resign.

Virginia is more religiously orthodox than the middle east now.

Brandon Whaley
Virginia Resident
Atheist, and no longer proud to be an American

How’s about them apples?

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