OpenDNS part 2

I e-mailed the OpenDNS people (see last post) and got a really fast reply.  They provided some interesting (and vastly useful) info which I felt I should share:

> Hey guys, I love the service…  I’m going to switch my office network over on Monday and see if anyone notices ;D
> One thing though…  I think it would be good to have some sort of "view this page anyway" for the suspected phishing sites.  You never know when a site might change hands without your knowledge and if you make the link small enough, I’m sure the people that REALLY need your protection won’t notice it.

Brandon, glad to hear you like it, and thrilled to hear about your office.

About going to the phishing site… we’ve heard this a few times. It’s not, unfortunately, slam-dunk easy to do, given the way we block phishes, and our initial call is that it’s more important to block phishes. We’ll keep providing more meta-data about -why- it was blocked, for the curious. Also, our designation of a site as a phishing site will expire over time. We’re quite sensitive to false positives.

If you personally are curious, since you’re unlikely to be phished, you can turn off the phishing protection at (prob better at home than at work).

Also, we hope that our reliability shines through at — we want to give you more reasons to choose OpenDNS… and even be able to tell people about the switch. 😉


John Roberts
VP of Product

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