Had some Kareoke related fun last night, but as with all kareoke related events, booze was involved.  Lots of booze.  When I left at 1:30, I had that vague feeling that I was forgetting something important.  When I awoke in bed an hour before I had to be at work, I realized what it was…  I was only going to get 4 hours of sleep!  Needless to say this morning was a bit rough, but after falling asleep in the shower and almost falling down I was pretty awake.  One good thing about being me is that I can run on 4 hours of sleep no problem, it’s just a bitch getting out of bed.  Once I’m up, I can go all day strong, all day long.

Tangent: I finally got in touch with Hana today at work.  Couldn’t talk long, but she’s supposed to call to hang out this evening.  Looking forward to seeing her again, been a while.

Oh shit, another tangent, but luckily it’s not parallel to the first, so it actually crosses the original story at some point.  I’d draw a diagram, but my brain just shut down from all the stupid in that last sentence.  Where was I?  Oh, right, thanks…  So at the bar last night, I saw "mystery new girl" and "friend man" being very close.  No biggie I thought, but she looks a bit young for him.  Well, not seconds later, they order shots together.  I’m thinking she’s maybe 16, so I pay attention to see how funny it will be when our waitress cards her.  The waitress looks at the ID, hands it back, and walks off to make a drink.  Total fucking mind blow.  I leap from my seat, nearly spilling my beer in the process (blasphemy, I know).  "HOW OLD ARE YOU?!"  The answer: 22.  Now, I’ve seen MNG (mystery new girl) working before, and I’m going to be completely honest…  I thought she was VERY hot and was NOT happy that she looked so young.  I felt dirty.  Now, I’m completely justified in thinking such things and in no way a paedophile.  Fucking Own3D!  /me FTW!

Final tangent: Work today was a bit rough in the morning, but things really panned out when I learned that the google Da Vinci Code Quest contest was giving a Cryptex to the first 10,000 people to finish phase one, and that I finished it a mere 40 minutes after it was released to the public!  Geek, I know, but still, that cryptex is gonna be my favorite thing.  I’m of course in the running for the Grand Prize of OODLES of totally sweet Sony gear (none of it PlayStation related, thank me) and a trip for 4 to X-Treeemo land (a.k.a. Europe).  If I win this shit, I’m going to be elated.

End meaningless rant.

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