Battlefield 2

Picked up Battlefield 2 for Xbox 360 the other day.  I absolutely love this game.  I played the demo for a solid week before I got it, so I had a bit of an advantage going in against all those other nubs.  I think out of my first five matches, I probobly averaged 50 points per game (that’s a good thing).  My performance dropped pretty quickly after that, however.  I think the match chooser in ranked games sorts by rank, so once I got up to around Master Sergeant, I was playing with people around my skill level and I started to get between 25-35 points.  Still, that’s better than average, so I can’t  complain.  My first 200 kills were with the engineer kit, no exceptions.  I’ve since adapted and can perform fairly well with sniper and assault too.  Still see no reason to have support, and I haven’t given special ops it’s fair share yet.  Yeah, blah.  If you want to play with me, my gamertag is RedKrieg.

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